Love living on the Big Island

Here on the most beautiful Island on earth, life is always exciting. Weekend before last the skies starting to thunder and rain fell in Kohala. Now greeness reigns again

Decided to run from the rain to Volcano, OK, not really the right direction to run from the rain. So run into ….on March 5th the Volcano decided to rumble at Kamoamoa instead of Pu’u O’o. After a whole lot of shaking, not felt by moi, even though I was merely a few miles away, new fissures open up sending fountains of lava shooting into the air. The night skies were aglow

Back to the west side, Tsunamis waves rolled in on Friday. Evacuations State wide, some wave damages here on the Big Island; Hualalai Resort and south of that took the brunt of waves. The tragic loss of a few homes and business seems inconsequential compared to the tragedy unfolding in Japan; but to those who suffered these losses, it is traumatic. As a community we will help them heal and as part of the world community, we will help Japan to heal, too!! Greatness often emerges from horrific tragedies….

Today the sun shines; trade winds blow, golfers are teeing off, surfers surfing, divers diving, life goes on in the most beautiful place on earth! Ali’i Drive’s seawall is almost repaired, businesses are cleaning up, opening up…soon all this is just another Big Island memory to share. A hui hou