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Mauna Lani Resort is the destination for those who know the Big Island resorts, their subtle and not so subtle nuances that make one preferred over another.   Those who prefer Mauna Lani speak of the peacefulness of this resort.  The Golf Courses that always have  preferential tee time for an owner, the beaches- especially the Beach Club, the quiet walks, the running/biking paths, the petroglyphs, the laid back and relaxed atmosphere in what many consider, myself included, the most beautiful  resort in the world.  This is what they come to Hawaii for…..

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For the first 20 years or so since the Mauna Lani resort opened,  an extended stay meant choosing between  three very beautiful, yet very different  condo projects; The Point at Mauna Lani, The Terrace (the only two oceanfront Condos in Mauna Lani Resort) and The Islands.

Mauna Lani Terrace has 80 units on slightly over 13 acres of land.  Trees originating from tropical climes bursting with brilliant flowers shade the grounds.    Paths meandering through grass lawns lead you to the pool, the white sandy beaches; the Ha’o shaded fishponds or the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel…your choice.  The three story buildings are pleasing to look at.  One of the most loved features of these units is their Teak Plantation Shutters, a special touch that adds to the Island ambience of this property.

Mauna Lani Terrace had two sales over the last 90 days, Unit #E202 sold after only 17-days on the market for $631,000 and oceanfront lovely #F202, one of the few units there without stairs sold for $1,300,000.  This is a good price for such a nice 2-bedroom unit when others have sold for more this year.  The Terraces seem to maintain their values, probably due to the fact that there is never an abundance of units for sale there.  We all know the rule that less inventory equals higher prices.  This Grand Dame of Mauna Lani has such an air of elegance, being able to walk to a fine hotel like the Mauna Lani Bay adds to a long list of amenities.  The high level of attention it receives from its care givers shows in the immaculate condition of the landscape and structures.  Recently listed E-101 is a on bedroom with views over the fishpond to the ocean is has built-in value priced at $670,000.

Mauna Lani Point was next to join the family at Mauna Lani.  A more contemporary design, sleek and modern at the time when the Miami Vice look was in circa 1986, these dress up well in the current designer trends.  The majority of the 166 units in 9-buildings spread out over 18.4 acres enjoy a view over the signature tee to the ocean, one of the most favored although there is more of similar caliber to appreciate just as well.  If the unit lacks an ocean view orientation, those beyond building “G”, they will have an excellent view of Mauna Kea looming over the golf course water hazard….still a “water view”!

There were no sales over the last 90 days; there were two in the first quarter of this year.  In an odd twist, the lowest sale was an upgraded 2-Bedroom.  Patience often is a most profitable habit for lucky sellers if they can afford the luxury of time; these sellers bought it for much less in 2004.  The views from the one bedroom G101 were worth $230,000 more than the extra bedroom of J206!  Stunning views always add value.  Two units just listed over the last 30-days offer stunning views, H103 and F205.  They are well priced for oceanfront at $1,597,000 and $1,590,000.  

The last of the stately condominiums built before the building boom began in 2003 is definitely not the least by any means.  The Islands at Mauna Lani were originally planned to be built along a Marina dredged through lava fields from the ocean to the site.  Community opposition as well as a come to reality check by the developers eliminated the marina.  The initial landscape of the almost 22 acres surrounding only 46-units included enormous fish ponds, an effort to support the “Islands” name.  However maintenance difficulties and expense plagued the ponds, so they were filled in, replaced with lawns and trees for a more conventional landscape.  The Islands at Mauna Lani have the highest land area per condo unit of just about any project on the Big Island.  The large floor plans of these detached condos make you feel like you are in a single family home, not a condo.  All have 2-car garages, some attached, others detached. 

The Islands also ranks high on the Mauna Lani list.  The lack of sales here over the last 90 days is not a surprise when only two units are for sale.  Owners so love their Islands for the privacy, peace and design that they are reluctant to sell.  They also appreciate being near the Mauna Lani resorts amenities.  Island dwellers can walk to the tennis courts, the fitness center with its great facility and classes, the large lap pool and of course, the Mauna Lani Spa.  G3 at $649,000 is the 2-bedroom best buy and E1 is priced well for a 3-bedroom.


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