100 Who Care Alliance growing on the Big Island   Leave a comment

We have a 100 Women Who care Group in Waimea on the Big Island for North and South Kohala. Women come from Waikoloa, Waimea, Hawi, Honoka’a and beyond or between. We meet at Paniolo Country Inn Restaurant 4- Saturdays a YEAR!! Each participant comes prepared to write a check for $100 (works out to $33/month) to the non-profit presented at the meeting who garners the most votes. Three members per meeting present their favorite non-profit and then a vote is taken, Each presentation is limited to 5 minutes or so, we are in and out of there in 1-hour. Please join us at our next meeting at 2:00 on Saturday, October 22nd. Last meeting the Waimea Emergency Food Pantry was the winner and the 20-women in attendance gave them a $2000 donation. Would love to grow to 100 women or more…just think how much good could happen. Would be cool to see Kona women step up and form a group. You be amazed at what sort of non-profits are out there that need donations, Maybe you have one you would like to see benefit; come join us and see how you can help your favorite group.


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